Frequently Asked questions
Here are the most common questions that I hear. Hope they help!

Q)    What is your shipping address?
A)            Ficken Wiper Service
                132 Calvert Ave
            West Babylon, NY 11704
            (631) 587-3332 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST

Q)    How do I know my Vacuum wiper motor needs to be rebuilt?
A)     The first thing to test is the vacuum. Without proper vacuum no wiper motor will work properly. We bench test at 13" of vacuum. As a rule this low, a car at idle should produce a little more. If you have good vacuum and a wiper that will not run, chances are your wiper motor is bad. The only other trouble area could be a linkage mechanism that is not free moving (for cars made after 1935). If you have good vacuum and a free mechanism your wiper should work. If not it needs rebuilding.

Q)    How do I know if you work on the wipers from my car?
A)     We work on many types of Trico Vacuum operated wiper motors. Trico was the original equipment on most American Cars and Trucks from the 1920's up to 1958 Some cars like Rambler and AMC use vacuum wipers up until 1972 and we work on these too. Page one of this web page shows a pretty detailed list of cars and years we cover. You can also email or call about your car or truck.

Q)    How much does it cost to rebuild a vacuum wiper motor?
A)     It is a standard fee of $99 for the rebuild and $11 return shipping and handling within the continental US. $25 Overseas, $15 to Canada

Q)    What else do you have for my car or truck?
A)     We stock strictly wiper related parts. Including Wiper arms, Blades, refills, Motors, On/off switches, Transmissions, Washer pumps and most anything wiper related.

Q)    What Car shows do you attend?
A)      See us at Carlisle in the Spring and Fall Space I-105 and at Hershey in the Fall RWE-30 Red Field.

Q)    Any problems doing early wiper motors like those on Model A Fords?
A)     Many Trico wiper motors that were made before the 1932 Car year are simply not rebuildable. Time has taken its toll on these early pot metal castings. I find that most early motors have cylinders that are no longer true. They tend to open up in the center or "BOW". This bowing makes it impossible for the paddle (seal) inside the wiper motor to get a good seel in all areas of its stroke. They tend to die in the middle where the bowing is at its max. If your motor is not rebuildable it will be returned to you with only a bill for the return postage, no other charges!
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