Typical Vacuum wiper rebuild in progress.

Here is what I get to start with. This motor is out of a 1957,58 Cadillac. It has been used for the last 40+ years and is in need of some TLC!

We begin by taking the entire motor apart and cleaning it well inside and out!  Most of the job is cleaning!  Notice the ultrasonic cleaners that the parts are resting on. Each motor goes through a series of 3 to 4 ultrasonic baths to clean them perfectly.
Here are the cleaned pieces.

Here is the motor all cleaned and ready for reassembly with all the new parts shown on the right. Each motor gets a new paddle ( or seal ), gaskets, on/off slide valve and air filter.

And finally the finished product. This motor ( like all my rebuilds ) has been bench tested at a low 13" of vacuum. It must run strong, fast and consistently to pass my test. Once it does it is ready to be shipped and will carry a 3 year warranty.  Hope this helps show the proccess. If you have any further questions feel free to email or call me. Thanks, Rob Ficken