Trico Windshield Washer Maintenance & Service

How to check windshield washers

All checks made with car running and at least 1" of fluid in jar.

1) No water Flow at nozzles

    Remove water hose, press control button for 3 seconds and release.
    If water flows from the pump outlet check washer hose and nozzles for blockage.

2) No water flow from pump

    Disconnect vacuum line from pump. Check vacuum while pressing control button.
    If no vacuum check the switch and vacuum line.
    If vacuum is sufficient, the pump needs rebuilding or replacement.

Washers used with Trico Co-ordinator

For Magnumatic Hydrostatic use steps 1 and 2 as above. You must also check the fuse and control switch on these models.

Disconnect Vacuum line and check for vacuum. If no vacuum check the line for obstruction or collapse.

Disconnect small control hose, and cap connection on pump with finger. Release finger, and recap, several times. Each time should bring a surge of water from the water hose connection. If no water, replace or rebuild the pump. If water surges from hose, check control and line running to the control.

Co-ordinator adjustment

Bleed screw shown on co-ordinator (fig 5) is turned clockwise to LENGTHEN wiper operation, counter clockwise to shorten the running time.

Trico C-O washer with coupler type co-ordinator

To check pump action, use the same steps as above (fig 4).

Motor Coupler/Coordinator adjustment

Be sure that the coupler is free from all obstruction. It must be able to slide freely.

Adjustment screw shown (fig 6) is turned clockwise to lengthen wiper operation, and counterclockwise to shorten it.

1) Washer pump works but wiper does not start automatically!

    Check small line to coupler for obstruction. If the line is clear you can tesat a coupler by applying a good vacuum to it. It should extend its shaft and turn on the wiper. If it does not the coupler is bad. If it does and the pump still pumps, then the pump is partially bad and not sending vacuum to the coupler. Rebuild or replace the pump.

2) Wiper motor fails to shut off at the end of the washer cycle.

    Remove the adjustment screw in the washer jar lid and operate the washer a few times to flush it out.
    Reinstall the screw and readjust the washer cycle by turning screw in or out as prefered.
    If the wiper motor still continues to run, replace or rebuild pump.

These hints were taken from a Trico catalogue printed in 1956. Hopefully they help some of you out.